Butternut Spice Loaf

Use butternut squash instead of store-bought pumpkin puree for an upgrade on a seasonal favorite!

Drying Herbs

Drying herbs is a simple way to preserve your favorite fresh herbs all winter long. I recently dried copious amounts of rosemary, sage, mint, oregano, and thyme. Once completely dry, these herbs will last for a few years. I mostly use these herbs for cooking, but mint can be use to make your own tea … Continue reading Drying Herbs

Cranberry Apple Sauce

Cranberry sauce from the can has always been an obligatory purchase on my familyโ€™s Thanksgiving table. My odd uncle would be the only one out of dozens of guests to dig his knife in it, because quite frankly, it is gross. Because of this, I was made to believe that I did not like cranberries. … Continue reading Cranberry Apple Sauce


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