Some of My Favorite Blogs

Below you will find some of my favorite blogs that I find inspiration, guidance, and recipes from. I hope you do too!

Food in Jars

“Food in Jars” is a blog that I could get lost in exploring foundational and unique canning/preserving recipes it contains. Marisa McClellan started this blog in 2009 to share her obsession with canning, and lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Scott. The page called ‘Canning 101’ gives great guidance to anyone who wants to start canning themselves. After exploring the blog, I was inspired to make cranberry shrub and cranberry apple butter from Marisa’s detailed posts and recipes. ‘Food is Jars’ is a great source for anyone who wants to preserve food correctly, and find interesting canning recipes that will also aid in reducing their waste in the kitchen. 

Zero Waste Chef

A blog that I consistently use for reference when I am making all sorts of fermented, or staple dishes (such as almond milk and tahini) is Zero Waste Chef, started by Anne-Marie Bonnea in California. Her recipes are all basic, and provide detailed instructions, as well as many pictures of each step in the process. When I made beet kvass, her step by step post was extremely helpful. I find that I appreciate it most when blogs contain pictures of each step, no matter how small. I have also been researching how to make a ginger bug, and Anne-Marie’s guidance on it has been one of the clearest I have found.  

The First Mess

I have always thought the photography and organization of The First Mess’s blog and instagram were outstanding. Laura, who lives in the Niagara region of Ontario, captures beautiful pictures of her vegetable forward recipes which consistently make my mouth water. Design wise, her ‘Cozy for Fall’, ‘The Latest’, and ‘Popular Now’ sections on her home page are  great ways to engage readers when they first enter the blog.  She always seems to read my mind when it comes to recipes I want to make such as her ginger sweet potato and coconut milk stew, or spelt banana bread with pecans and chocolate chunks. Her attention towards seasonality with her recipes is something that I admire, as well as wish to pursue with my own blog. 

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